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The Center for Functional Neuroimaging (CfN) provides support for functional neuroimaging research at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to providing administrative support for initiatives in development, education and training, the CfN advances technical capabilities for functional neuroimaging and provides technical support for functional neuroimaging users through committees and mailing lists, comprised of members with specific expertise, and one-on-one office hour appointments with CfN faculty. The CfN also maximizes instrument access for all investigators through a web-based sign-up and interface through Path Bio Resource calendar (new) with Penn IRB, CAMRIS and other regulatory committees. Note that SAIF instrumentation is still using the original CfN calendar.

The PBR Scheduler is accessible through:        https://pathbio.med.upenn.edu/camris/dogfish/

This website provides a central mechanism for disseminating information about functional neuroimaging at the University of Pennsylvania. CfN website offerings include investigator profiles, talks and events of interest, studies needing volunteers, resources and technical information, information pertaining to critical regulatory issues, streaming video of popular courses and instruction, jobs/resume postings, travel stipend awards and sponsored MRI scan time awards.

Please send comments or questions about the CfN website or CfN services to the neuroimaging community to Margaret Ryan at: ryanm@pennmedicine.upenn.edu or call 215-573-8486


CfN and NNC have the following wiki sites:

MRI resources wiki: https://cfn.upenn.edu/mri/wiki/doku.php

CfN Computer Cluster wiki: https://cfn.upenn.edu/computing/wiki/doku.php


Important information from CAMRIS regarding MRI billing!

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Also see CAMRIS Manual


Available on-line -- Click to watch Geoffrey Aguirre, M.D., Ph.D talk about the

Fundamentals of fMRI in his four day mini course.

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